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Alan Curran

Information Security Professional

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Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Alan Curran.

I'm a professional information security consultant, ex-Police ​officer, father, and husband.

I have worked with several public sector organisations in ​Scotland, helping develop strategies and frameworks to ​protect against ever changing cyber threats, and assure the ​effectiveness of security controls and investments.

I am fortunate to have worked ​with these organisations:

Most Recent Position

Head of Cyber Security

Registers of Scotland, Edinburgh

As the Head of Cyber Security, I'm responsible for providing strategic direction of security controls, ​anticipating security challenges, driving security maturity improvements and performance, and building the ​capability required to ensure the security of new and existing services within RoS.

  • I am the primary point of contact on all strategic level Cyber Security topics with stakeholders, including ​directors, senior colleagues, digital team leads, security control owners, external parties, security partners ​(NCSC, SG etc).

  • I am responsible for the development and ongoing maintenance of the organisations Cyber Security ​Strategy, detailing the high-level control requirements and alignment to relevant frameworks, along with ​defining security KPIs to ensure effectiveness of deployed controls.

  • I ensure our Cyber Security policies and security controls remain appropriate and proportionate to the ​assessed risks, and are responsive and adaptable to the changing threat environment, business ​requirements and central government policies

  • I champion learning, development, and accreditation to cultivate talent and foster an inclusive, diverse, and ​motivated security workforce

  • I influence, change, and impact decisions by communicating security issues and opportunities with both ​internal and external stakeholders

  • I am a member/attendee of governance group meetings, such as the Design Authority (DA), Architecture ​Steering Group (ASG), Platform Steering Group (PSG), Information Security Group (ISG), Information ​Assurance group (IAG), and present updates on the progress of our Cyber Resilience.

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